Rainbow Squish Mini Texture Bundle

Rainbow Squish Mini Texture Bundle

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This Bundle is a great way to decide what your favorite Texture is! Each bundle comes with SIX 1oz Jars of the following Slimes:

Pink: Strawberry Frog Squish- Clear Glue Slushee Unscented

Orange: Mony The Monarch- Clear-Glue Microfloam Scented Bubble Gum with a hint of White Tea

Yellow: Belton the Lemon Bear-Inflatable Clay Slime Scented Hot Orange Danish

Green: Sinclair- Inflatable Butter Slime Scented Tropical Orange Soda

Blue: Party AXO- Snow-Fizz x Clay Hybrid Scented Blue Raspberry Ice Cream Slush ( From Sonic)

Purple: Lavada- Cloud Cream Scented Raspberry Zinger